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Modern U.S. Military Paint Set Recommendation
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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2017 - 08:27 PM UTC
Hi, Guys.

I build mostly U.S. softskins, and lately, a lot of it has been modern (MRAPs, HEMTTs, etc.) I was thinking about updating my acrylic paints and getting a set of Vallejo Model Color paints in U.S. modern colors to cut down on the expense a bit, but I don't see a boxing with that wording. I don't want the military colors set with like 72 bottles --just the 15 or so I would need for most detail BRUSH painting. I would not be using an airbrush, so I am not looking at Model Air paints. Am I thinking wrong on that? What about the Panzer Aces line? How does that go on with hand-brushing? This paint would be mostly used for interiors and detail work. For my exteriors, I would continue to use Tamiya rattlecans. Does any acrylic paint stick to that very well? I have had issues with Tamiya acrylics lately, though folks I talked to have said it never covered Tamiya spray-can paint well.

Any suggestions?