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Tracks and Troops reliability?
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United States
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Posted: Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 03:33 PM UTC
Hey all,

I recently stumbled upon this website called "Tracks and Troops," and they seem to offer a wide range of resin kits.

Has anyone had experience ordering from them? Are they at all reliable?
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South Carolina, United States
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Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 08:51 AM UTC

I've made six purchases from T&T since December 2010 for a total of around $360. I've only purchased resin and PE detail sets from T&T.

Whenever I've made and order, I've found the best way to reach Milan Vins is via his T&T Facebook page. It gives links for sending either a private message or an e-mail.

Please remember that T&T doesn't seem to maintain much stock. Milan seems to compile your order by ordering from his sources after you've placed your order, and sometimes he has to wait to receive some items, or they may be unavailable. Whenever he has indicated to me that an item will take a while for him to get, he has given me the option to substitute for that item, cancel that item, or even send part of the order now and the balance when he receives it/them.

Milan is pretty much a one-man show, and I remember him saying that one morning he had to go through about 3,000 e-mails. Therefore, don't get antsy if he hasn't responded within a day or so.

Milan also has a rule of adding 20 Euro for shipping to your order, but this has always been reduced to a much more reasonable shipping amount when he actually charges your CC or when your PP transaction is completed. NOTE - I only use either PayPal or a Visa Gift Card to make orders with overseas shops, for the protection and to limit how much would be impacted if nefarious were to happen.

He uses really nice small cardboard boxes for shipping your items, and I've not had any arrive damaged. I did have an item that was missing a part, and he sent a completely new set as replacement free of charge.

I've been quite happy with the transactions I've had with Tracks & Troops, so I recommend them as a great on-line store. Just be patient and order a batch of items you need for future projects.

I hope this helps.