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Jacobs Yard Vospers MTB 396 - 411
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Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 08:57 PM UTC
I've been collecting information to convert the Italeri 1/35 Vosper MTB to a very late war boat used by the 28th Flotilla based at Ancona in the Adriatic in 1945.
I've acquired various books and spent a lot of time finding photo's and information about these boats. I intend to build MTB410 or 411 which have a bandstand for the rear twin 20mm Oerlikons and have acquired various pieces to make this kit including the SO Radar mast (Italeri PT Boat Conversion set), Oerlikons (Shapeways), and Etch set (Griffin bonus set). I still need to get the exhausts from Shapeways, but will laser cut the vents and bandstand, as well as other pieces such as the torpedo reloading stands and Oerlikon ready use lockers.
However I still lack information on the deck layout (I have produced a drawing of what I think it looks like from drawings of MTB363, 723 and the post war Italian Navy 424), the type of chart room layout, where the SO Radar control units were, whether Asdic was mounted in the Chart room, and what the bridge layout was like.
I have 'Allied Coastal Forces' by Lambert and Ross which shows a range of chart room and bridge layouts and don't know which one would be appropriate from the selection in the book of British built Vospers. I would like to do the same layout of the Vosper 347-362 series if appropriate but can't find any details or information to confirm this.
Is there any further information or photographs that could clarify any of the above question?
Many thanks.

Also I have looked at the Torpedo tubes with the intention of detailing the mounts, but on reading up on it and doing some measurements it appears that the tubes are about 3mm in diameter too big, nearly 20%!. I have got some 16.6mm brass tubing (the kit torpedos still fit inside easily!) and have started drawing up new mounts for laser cutting out of styrene sheet. This will allow me to increase the height of the mounts and also put in the correct number and types of braces and lightening holes. A lot to do, but looking forward to the challenge, and more importantly, finishing it!