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Length/Link tracks
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Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 09:34 PM UTC
Hello, I was looking for some tips and tricks on the length and link tracks that are supplier in my 1/48th scale Tamiya type 10 tank kit. Now they have a long and short section, and then two parts for the front and the rear of the track where the tracks come off the rear drive sprockets.

I assembled them last night per the instructions, and I'm somehow about 2 links short of getting them to connect. I did make sure to use only the number required per the instructions, my question is do you guys just make it look right coming up the side skirts and down, and deal with the gap since the side covers come so low. Or do you actually assemble them and make sure that they truly connect and come together?

I know it's a little long winded of a question, but any help here and or tips would be greatly appreciated.