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late war razorback props
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Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 11:21 PM UTC
Hello all. Back again after some life experiences... Doing a build of my 22nd p-47. It will be the final piece showcasing the 354th F.G. jugs just before they transitioned back to the P-51. Have the "Feeble Eagle" bird with yellow cowl and skull and crossbones, and "Wee Speck" with the blue and white diamond cowling already done. These are, of course, bubbletop birds. Wanted to do a razorback version and found a pic on the 354th website of a razorback with what I believe is insignia blue framed Malcom hood, white cowl with wide insignia blue stripe inset with white stars. The Malcom hood and the cowling design are the main interests for me, as one simply doesn't see either of these modeled. The photo caption reads it is taken just before the 354th transitioned back to the P-51. Prop is spinning in the photo and I can't tell much about the blades... The spinner is for the curtis prop, but which one? Have the Hasegawa kit and can easily adapt whichever prop it is from my spares box. Question... was the early "toothpick" prop carried on operational birds that late in the war (We are talking around Nov. 1944), or had all of them been swapped out in the field to the later "paddle blade" prop for greater performance? Maybe even the "asymmetrical prop"? Keeping in mind the 354th was primarily a ground pounder unit, which prop should I put on my build? Anyone out there that can sort it out for me? Thanks in advance.
Mike Crandell