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D-Day M4/M4A1 Sherman-which tracks?
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Posted: Thursday, November 05, 2015 - 04:05 AM UTC
Hi all. I have four M4/M4A1 Sherman kits in my stash and want to get the required aftermarket stuff together before I start building them.

I'm just very confused as to which track type to put on which tank.I believe for a D-Day US Army Sherman, the T48 or T51 tracks were most common. I have decal references that show one of the tanks I want to build having T48 tracks ( Columbia Lou of the 746th tank battalion on Utah Beach on D-Day ) but for the rest I'm not sure which tracks to use as there is no reference I can find. The individual tanks I'm wanting to depict are:

1) "Columbia Lou ",746th tank batallion D-Day
2) "Aide de Camp", 741st tank batallion D-Day
3) "Alligator",743rd tank batallion D-Day
4) "Goldie", 2nd Armored Division, battle of Bloody Gulch.

As I said, the decals of number 1) specify T48 tracks but none of the others specify which tracks to use so any advice is greatly appreciated! I'd like the models to be as accurate as possible hence my interest in getting the track types correct. Most photos I've seen of D-day period Sherman tanks tend to indicate use of the T48 was most common?

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