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ITC (Ideal Toy Company) History
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Posted: Friday, February 20, 2015 - 04:48 AM UTC
Another model company history by Alan Bussie:
ITC (Ideal Toy Company) Model Kit History and Cam-A-Matic Action (Used in the Halibut, USS Enterprise, Thor, Mercer, Duesenburg and Battling Betsy)

Quoted Text

Almost every die-hard kit collector has heard of the ITC Thor Missile Base and Halibut Submarine models. The Thor is among (or is) the most valuable of all collectable models and the Halibut and other ITC Cam-A-Matic action kits are close behind. Both kits have fantastic action features. The Thor is automatically removed from the shelter, taken over the launcher, raised into position then fired! The Halibut dives, surfaces then removes a Regulus II missile from the hanger and fires it! They were (and still are) the most complicated operating plastic model kits ever created. But how did Ideal Toy Company come into being, and what was Cam-A-Matic action?