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Alabama, United States
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Posted: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 04:13 PM UTC

Hi, Everyone.

I'm new to scale model building and looking for some help or advice. I'm actually a filmmaker and looking to use a small scale SWAT Truck model in my next film--either as a forced-perspective miniature, or by compositing it into existing scenes. The truck should look very militarized and threatening like the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle or MRAP. My films are always pretty ambitious. I've got around 50 million views on YouTube and have a few created web series for Discovery and Machinima. Now I'm using my own money to do this test film with models, hoping to avoid CGI. The only MRAP models I found were in China. Does anyone have any suggestions or would perhaps like to help out?
Basically I'd need the model built and painted. I can offer credit,
pay for the model of course and paints and perhaps put you in the
behind the scenes making of the video. This is all out-of-pocket
though so it's more of a chance to do something cool and wow people
with the results. My goal is to start putting more scale models and
vehicles and sets into my films so I'm looking to build relationships.
Any advice would be super helpful. There are tons of model builders
in Los Angeles but I couldn't even BEGIN to afford their rates. Plus,
my theory has always been that there's talent all over the world so I
shouldn't restrict myself to LA. If you'd like to help out please let
me know.

email: [email protected]