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Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 - 03:27 PM UTC
Not that it really matters, but if I have ever had a transaction with you, I would appreciate it if you have access to the rec.models.scale newsgroup if you would post a message to the
"Subject: Re: No sympathy here. Auction item had info." thread verifying that I am a stand up guy.

The short version is - the whole thread is posted in for sale under teamjoedawn warning- I got hosed for the 'handling' charges on a 1/72 AC130.
I posted up the details several places also
Now it's turned into a pissing match with this bad ebay trader who wants to play injured innocent.

I know, I know.. never wrestle with a pig.. you'll get muddy and the pig will enjoy it.
but in guess in internet world , especially in this little corner of it, you've really only got your reputation to go on.

Thanks, I appreciate it