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Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2012 - 01:50 PM UTC
I just purchased from my L.H.S., JTT scenery products, item #95503 (BU1003), which is HO scale R/R flower trees. They are just the right size for flowering bush type plants in 1/35th scale. The package had red, pink, yellow and purple colors with green added. Planted in any grass or ground cover and they look great. The stem is brown painted wire which you probably wont want to see, so a dab of putty spread over and painted will do nicely, or hide in the grass as I did. There are 48 pieces to a package which comes out to 12 of each color. The cost at my L.H.S. was only $8.99 and worth the slight cost as far as I am concerned. They have other types of foliage, corn stalks, small apple trees (which I don't think would work too well), hedges and a few others. Any one looking to add some color to a vignette or dio should check out this product. The web site is www.SCENERYPRODUCTS.COM or JTT & products in Garden City, California, U.S.A. Unfortunatly I can't post pics but maybe someone else has used these before and might. I don't recall mention of this stuff before, but if it was already talked about before, my appologies.