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Clandestine Operations
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Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 05:28 AM UTC
"I have been rolling a few ideas around in my head for my next campaign. I would like to do a clandestine operations campaign. Being that it is clandestine operations, nobody would be able to provide proof thereof. So, this will be a "most likely" campaign. WWII-present. From the jungles of Columbia to the deserts of the Gulf. Let me know what you guys think. I would like to begin it early next year and run for eight months."
I have decided to post this campaign here, as it will cover helicopters, figures, and some boats(LSSC, PBR, Rubber Dingy, etc.). I am going for plausible clandestine operations. No "in Terminator" etc. Must be an easy link to something modified for past or present operations. If you want to build the dropship from "Aliens", I would love to follow along. However, this has no place in the campaign. I am going for science fact, not science fiction. Please post any ideas you have for approval.
Normal campaign rules. A photo of the kit(s) must be posted, before you start building. At least one progress photo must be posted. A photo of the finished build must be posted in the campaign gallery. Scales range from 1/72-1/16. Multiple builds are encouraged, but only one ribbon will be awarded.
If you think eight months is not long enough, please tell me.