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Need help for findmodelkit.com
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Wojewodztwo Pomorskie, Poland
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Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 - 09:40 PM UTC
Hello from the FindModelKit.com!

The FindModelKit.com website is already one year old and during that time its database has grown steadily to a few thousands entries. In its current state the database stores over 4300 kit entries, nearly 1800 accessories and close to 1200 assembly&painting instructions. Additionally there is over a 100 galleries of finished models published. All thanks to modellers who wanted to help other modellers and shared their kits&accessories, spending considerable amount of time while doing this.

You may see it on www.findmodelkit.com

With regret I have to conclude that the size of FindModelKit.com website has reached the critical point. High number of categories available (i.e. manufacturers) and the overall size of the database has become a reason why the website is not working as it should. The website needs to be transferred to a better and faster server - unfortunately I do not have apropriate funds available. If I will not succeed in collecting needed amount I will regretfully have to delete the one year's work of a few fellow modellers who wished to contribute to the database. I am also searching for the IT person who will be able to work on website development - I do not have a sufficient knowledge to do it myself.

I am searching for the companies or people who would like to help with FindModelKit.com maintenance. I guess the website has a lot of potential and may become a very interesting 'meeting place' for the fellow modellers from the whole world, those who are starting their modelmaking adventure and those with large amount of experience on their belt.

If any of the model-shops would like to become a sponsor of FindModelKit.com - you are warmly welcomed - I would gladly display sponsor's banners on the FindModelKit.com website.

If somebody would like to help individually - please use the DONATE button on the main page of FindModelKit.com

When starting the FindModelKit.com website a year ago I hoped that the website would earn for its maintenance. Unfortunately it did not happened - hence my apel.

When the described difficulties will finally be overcome and hopefully the website will be transferred to the new server I warmly invite everyone to expanding our kit and accessory database.

if anyone wants to help please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!