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Taking the plunge: www.alanger.us/
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New South Wales, Australia
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Posted: Friday, May 04, 2012 - 12:18 PM UTC
I am planning on getting a few kits from this site. I have heard some bad things about it. Has anyone bought (even more importantly recieved) anything from this site recently?

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British Columbia, Canada
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Posted: Saturday, May 05, 2012 - 08:54 AM UTC
As you can imagine, this is older-style Eastrn European technology, much of the detail is a little on the clunky/soft side, the sprues are very heavy with large attachment points, the decals are often not great, and instructions are a little weak. Many of Alanger kits are shared moulds between Alan, Alanger, ICM, Eastern Express, Maquette and others.
That being said, some of the kits are ok, and you can always scratch your own improved details or add PE or resin aftermarket items. My suggestion is avoid kits like the Marder IID, it's ok but the Tamiya one is nicer and about the same price. I prefer to buy the more obscure or hard to find AFV's, I have the ICM T-28 for instance, it's not an awful kit. The Soviet artillery pieces are nice (originally ICM), as are the German tank figures (also ICM - reboxed by Alanger and Revell). The Panzer Flamingo and Frog kits are ok, too. It doesn't hurt to shop around - perhaps another brand of the same mould is cheaper? HTH

If you're wondering about the site itself, I have heard they have communication problems, but I do know people who've ordered with no problem, also.