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AMPS 2012 Convention Update
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Posted: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 - 02:11 PM UTC
A quick show update

I wanted to make sure that all potential attendees to the AMPS 2012 International Convention in Auburn Indiana had the latest information for the show. A recent change to the schedule is that we will accept all models, preregistered as well as walk-ins on Thursday night. Also, our Seminar Coordinator, Mr Sean Lynch, has put together a bonus seminar with noted modeler Adam Wilder on Thursday night.

I hope that you all can make this year’s AMPS Convention as it is looking to be an excellent show again this year.

John Charvat
AMPS 2012 International Show Chair

Entry Prices

Model Entries
- $35.00 for AMPS Members
- $45.00 for Non-Members
- $15.00 for all Junior (under 17) Modelers
- Entry price includes: Admission to the Convention & the Museum for 26-28 April and entry of up to three models

Additional models entries:
- $3.00 per model for AMPS members
- $4.00 for non-members
- $3.00 for Juniors

General admission
- $18.00 for AMPS Members
- $20.00 for Non-Members:
- $10.00 for Youths (Ages 7 to 17)
- Free for Children (Ages 7 and below)
- Price includes admission to the Convention & Museum for 26-28 April

Show Special Package
- $60 for AMPS Members renewing membership
- $65 for Non Members
- Price includes:
- One year AMPS Membership
- Admission to the Convention & the Museum
- Entry of up to three models
- Additional models entries are $3.00 per model

Model Entry
Entrants can enter models for judging on:
- Thursday, 26 April at 6:00 through 8:00 PM
- Friday, 27 April at 10:00AM through 6:00PM
- Saturday, 28 April at 8:30AM through 12:00PM

AMPS 2012 International Show Timeline

Thursday, April 26

9:00AM Venue Setup
12:00PM Vendors Setup begins
6:00-8:00PM Show Open
6:30-8:30PM Judge Certification Class
6:00PM-UTC Thursday Judging
7:30-8:30PM Bonus Seminar
9:00 PM Venue Closes
8:30-UTC AMPS Icebreaker

Friday, April 27th

8:30-10:00AM Field Judges' Class
10:00AM Show and Vending Area Opens
10:30-11:55AM Seminar #1
11:00AM-1:00PM Judging Team A
12:00-12:55 Seminar #2
1:00-3:00PM Judging Team B
1:00-2:25PM Seminar #3
2:30-3:25PM Seminar #4
3:00-5:00PM Judging Team C
3:30-4:55PM Seminar #5
5:00–7:00PM Judging Team D
5:00-6:55PM Seminar #6
6:30PM Show Closes
7:15 - 8:15PM AMPS Business Meeting
7:00PM - UTC Judging Team E (as needed)

Saturday, April 28th

8:30AM Show Opens
8:30-10:30AM Judging Team F
8:45-9:40 AM Seminar #7
9:45–11:10AM Seminar #8
10:30AM-12:30PM Judging Team G
11:00AM–1:00PM Braille Scale SIG Meeting
11:15AM–1:15PM Seminar #9
12:00PM Show Registration Closes
12:30 -2:25PM Judging Team H
1:30 – 3:30PM Seminar #10
2:30 - 4:30PM "Best of"/Private Award Judging
3:00PM Vendor Area Closes
4:00PM Last Chance Raffle Pull
5:00PM Awards Ceremony
6:30PM Clean up

Note: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can coordinate with Show Chair to use the Museum Library for SIG Gatherings meetings.