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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 05:32 AM UTC
Hello fellow scale modelers,

Yesterday, i was browsing around the web checking for some useful stuff concerning scale modeling, and i came across this website which is actually for diecast stuff.


The story about this link is that you can choose any type of aircraft or helicopter you want in your search, and when you search for it, it gives you a list with all the manufacturers making this model you chose (as diecast such as Corgi, Century Wings) as well as images and scales to decide what you need.

And so i began wondering, if any of you fellow modelers, know any link or forum that is similar to the one above but instead of diecast models, it would be for modeling hobby kits, and not only aircraft or helicopters, but armor as well. And when you search for the model you need, it gives you a list of manufacturers who make it (for example: Tamiya, Academy etc...)

Regards, Sawron