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Very affordable Dremal alternative
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Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 06:15 AM UTC
As I have recently gotten back into the fold of modelling it has become very clear to me how much money one can sink into the whole affair. Painting begets airbrushes which in turn leads to compressors...etc. It is very easy to get in financially over ones head. No, please do not tell me that one does not NEED a airbrush...I wanted the thing, and anyways that is not what this is about. In Buffalo NY, where I live there are a TON of dollar/discount stores. It suits the economy well I suppose. Although I am far (very very far)from being rich, I generally find these places depressing. However they do fulfill a certain use. Anyway, the best of them is called "BigLots". While looking around the other day, I found an item by a brand called Shop Basics. "Rotary Tool with 102 pc Accessories". Well it is just what the name implies, basically a lower end Dremal knock off. I tend to be a person who believes that you get what you pay for. I also believe that we tend to get gouged a bit when basic tools start getting marketed exclusively for the hobby crowd. Its variable speed, has a ton of the sort of bits, blades and reamers that one would expect in a Dremal. It comes in a case. And it was only 20 dollars. It might not be as polished as a Dremal but it does feel pretty solid. If your like me and you find a tool like this useful, but still will only use one for really a few minutes on any given project, then the $60-$100 price tag of the name brand may not be entirely justifiable. This is a pretty good bang for the buck and may work for you. Lets face it variable speed motors are not cutting edge tech and not that hard to produce cheaply anymore