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2012 AMPS Convention Preregistration is Open
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Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2012 - 01:01 AM UTC
The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society would like to invite all Armor modelers, AMPS members and soon to be members friends to attend the 2012 AMPS International Convention held at the National Military History Center (NMHC), which contains the World War II Victory Museum and others, in Auburn Indiana from Thursday, April 26 to Saturday April 28.

Why do you want to attend the AMPS International Convention? Several reasons are below.

1. To feed the “plastic need” of armor modelers, the Convention will have 95 tables dedicated to the vendors that turn the Rotunda of the NMHC into a large, Armor dedicated, hobby shop. The vendors participating range from individuals to well known Hobby shops to Manufacturers and Distributors of kits and aftermarket accessories. Announcements will follow on what vendors will attend and support the Convention.

2. The seminars, an AMPS Convention staple, will bring a host of speakers aimed to increase the attendee’s skills in armored vehicle research; building, painting and weathering models; and how to use those basic tools of modeling, such as airbrushes. We are anticipating the attendance of several very well known modeling personalities, who will share their secrets for building and finishing world-class armor models. Once the seminar attendees are completely firmed up a separate announcement will be made on the speakers, topics and schedule during the Convention.

3. Last and certainly not least, the centerpiece of the convention is the model competition. Judging is done using the AMPS Rules for Competition (available for download on the AMPS Website), which pits the entrant’s model(s) against a published set of criteria using judges, who are like-minded modelers. This unique judging system allows the awarding of multiple medals for excellence in 14 of 15 Convention Model Categories. Every contestant is provided feedback on his entry to enable him or her to “see” the same issues that the Judges identified on the model while it was being judged. The AMPS judges are volunteers who often sit for several two-hour shifts and earn a coveted AMPS “Crew” Shirt. The unseen benefit to judging is that the individual becomes a better modeler by seeing, up close, the models being evaluated under the AMPS judging criteria and the conversation that goes on between the judges.

We will again conduct Show preregistration via the AMPS Website, with the benefits of online payment as well as the filling out of show forms prior to the show. The preregistration also allows the contestant to enter their models on Thursday night, April 26th, to avoid standing in line on Friday or Saturday. To preregister, visit the AMPS Website Preregistration page, located at :http://www.amps-armor.org/ampssite/conventions/showReg.aspx?ShowID=38 . The page will be in operation from 15 January to 30 March 2012 and has the details such as costs and payment options. The price includes admission to the show & Museum, with the entry of up to three models.

If you choose not to preregister, we will have Registration at Convention during the hours of operation 10:00AM to 6:00PM on April 27th and 9:00AM to 12:00PM on April 28th. Like Preregistration, the price includes admission to the show & Museum, with the entry of up to three models.

Convention Schedule.
Thursday, April 26
8:30 – Convention Setup begins
12:00PM - Vendor setup begins
6:00 - Venue open to public with model entries for preregistered contestants only
9:00PM - Venue closed & secured

Friday, April 28
8:30AM – Field Judge’s Class
10:00AM - Venue opens to public with Model Entries for both walk-in and preregistered entries
7:00PM - Venue closes
7:00PM - AMPS Business Meeting

Saturday, April 28
9:00AM - Venue Opens
12:00PM – Registration Closes
3:00PM - Vending Area Closes
5:00PM - Award Ceremony
7:00PM - Venue clean up

As AMPS is a volunteer organization, help is needed to put on every International Convention. We will need assistance before during and after the Convention. Specific help will be needed on Thursday morning, 26 April, to set up the venue. This will involve lifting and moving tables, chairs and other heavy objects required to make the NMHC Rotunda into the AMPS International Convention site. During the Convention there will be needs for volunteer Judges, Runners, Security personnel as well as administrative help. Please keep this in mind, after you enter your models and finish perusing the Vendor Area.

Again, we are excited about bringing this year’s International Convention to our members and are looking forward to seeing old and new friends in Auburn Indiana at the end of April.

John Charvat
AMPS 2012 International Convention Show Chair

"It doesn't matter where the show is, it doesn't matter when the show is, because it is all about the $%^$#@&* tanks"
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