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Revells 1/32nd scale JU88A1
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Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 11:20 AM UTC
Even though this is a plane, because I will build it as a diorama, I figured I'd add it here.Just to let anyone know, if you have been thinking of P/U this kit, it is well worth it. I had seen it in my L.H.S. and went home to check it out on the computer and was pretty impressed. I was skeptical of Revells kits because I had not P/U one in years, and have the older ME110. Lets just say that when I opened the box I was blown away by the detail and parts.It has recessed pannel lines and the huge cockpit has3 pages of instructions to itself. I don't know the planes exact detail but it looks as if all the bells and whistles are there. The detail compared to thier old kits is like comparing a paper airplane to a real F16. It is a rather large kit (messuring out at 45.3 c.m. X 57.1c.m.)so if you want to build a dio, be prepared for a large base. It does not come with any figures but as I am building a wreck it suits me fine. There are four sets of decals for early war units and it seems that everything you need to mark it is there. You can google up the plane kit, and there are a few build blogs on it which are impressive to me. Seeing as I can't get pics to take check out the blogs. I paid only $63.00 for this kit and I will say that it is well worth it for me. I see that there are some after market P/E sets for it but will build mine O.O.B. Revell has gone leaps and bounds since thier old kits from the 6o's, which will make me look at the armour kits they now have. I don't normally build planes but have a few in the stash for latter years when I have plenty of time, and this is one that I will really look forward to builing. To Revell, a well done job! I am real happy camper/modeler with this kit and I haven't even dry fitted anything yet.
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Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 03:46 AM UTC
Bob --

I gotta say, I agree with you. Revell has made leaps and bounds from what they used to be. The fact that they are doing these large scale Bombers is incredibly ambitious...and will surely push other companies into brave new lands. Prior to this, one really only had vacu-form kits of these birds that required something short of the skill of an engineer to finish. I had one such kit of the Ju-88 (1/32)in the early 80's and it just would not happen. Would have been better off giving the $100 bucks to a homeless guy.

I'm also mainly an armor builder, but could not resist their 1/32 Heinkell 111 P1. Although I do believe that the interior detail is not up to par with the Ju-88, I still think it is a mighty fine kit. As it is fairly new, I'm going to see what pans out in the way of after market items for the interior. As well as do a bit more research. None of which really changes my M.O. from armor a whole lot anyway.

That said, I'm looking forward to finishing up what I'm doing now and putting that on the front burner.

Good Luck -- Lee