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International Festival, Bytom 212, Poland
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Posted: Sunday, November 27, 2011 - 08:51 PM UTC
I would like to invite all Kitmakers to the biggest modeling event in Poland. Last edition gathered almost 1.000 models on exhibitions and the forthcoming edition is surely going to exceed this number.

Here you can find my reports and galleries from the previous editions:
2010: Airplanes and Figures
2011: Airplanes, Armour and Figures.

If you are going to visit the 2012 edition you can consider using an aircraft as a transportation as there are just about 20km to the nearest international airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice, which is connected with most (if not all) of the capital cities of Europe - including many economical airlines. You can also connect your visit with the tour to the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków - ca 80km from Bytom.

IX International Festival of Plastic Scale Models
Bytom 2012
Date: 25th - 26th February 2012
Venue: Sports Hall „Na Skarpie”
Frycza-Modrzewskiego Street No.5A
Bytom, post code 41-907
Festival organisers:
Modelling Section of the Youth Community Centre no.2 in Bytom
UKS „Karb”
IPMS Poland
IPMS Silesia
Model shop „ModelWorld” from Katowice
16th Scouts Squad „Undefeated”
26th Scouts Squad of A.Małakowski „The Foresters”

Media: „Super Model”, „Aero”, „Army”, „Militaria of XXth century”, “Ships”
Internet: portal „Modeling with passion” - www.pwm.org.pl

The major sponsor of the festival is KAGERO Publishing

Competition information and general regulations:
The festival is open to both individual modelers and members of modeling clubs or organisations from our country and from abroad. Models must only be made from the following materials: plastic/resin or metal (photo-eached, castings) for stand-alone montage, to qualify for rating.
Please Note! Models which won any prize or distinction in the previous years will not qualify for ratings this year.

Each modeler can participate in each category with any number of kits, made by himself/herself. However, only the best rated kit of the modeler in the category will be considered for final judging. Each category will be divided into subcategories according to the age of the modeler: youngsters (up to 13yo), junior (from 13 up to 18yo) and senior (above 18yo). Organisers stipulates to join or split categories. Starting charges are 5PLN for juniors and 10PLN for seniors, it does not matter how many models a modeler enters with. Members of IPMS Poland and youngsters are exempted from the starting charges.

Starting categories:
S1 aircraft 1:32 and larger
S2 aircraft 1:48/1:50, „prepared for flight”
S3 aircraft 1:48/1:50 „open”
S4 aircraft 1:72, „prepared for flight”
S5 aircraft 1:72 „open”
S6 aircraft pre- 1921, 1:72
S7 aircraft pre- 1921, 1:48 and larger
S8 military aircraft 1:144
S9 civilian aircraft, no scale split
S10 civilian gliders, no scale split
S11 helicopters 1:72
S12 helicopters 1:48 and larger
A1 artillery 1:76 – 1:48 except self-propelled
A2 artillery 1:35-1:16 except self-propelled
PG1 military vehicles on tracks 1:87-1:72, prepared to fight
PG2 military vehicles on tracks 1:87-1:72, open
PG3 military vehicles on tracks 1:48 prepared to fight
PG4 military vehicles on tracks 1:48 open
PG5 military vehicles on tracks 1:35-1:24, prepared to fight
PG6 military vehicles on tracks 1:35-1:24, open
PK1 military vehicles on wheels 1:87-1:72, prepared to fight
PK2 military vehicles on wheels 1:87 – 1:72, open
PK3 military vehicles on wheels 1:48 prepared to fight
PK4 military vehicles on wheels 1:48 open
PK5 military vehicles on wheels 1:35-1:24, prepared to fight
PK6 military vehicles on wheels 1:35-1:24, open
P16 military vehicles on tracks and wheels 1:16
M motorcycles
PCO civilian cars
PCC civilian trucks and technical vehicles
PWR racing vehicles including WRC
DS aviation dioramas
DLm land dioramas 1:87-1:72
DLs land dioramas 1:48
DLd land dioramas 1:35
F1 figure on foot pre- 1914 1:35-1:24
F1a figure on foot pre- 1914 1:35-1:24
F1k figure on horse 1:35-1:24
F2 figure on feet post- 1914 1:16-1:9
F2a figure on feet post- 1914 1:16-1:9
F2k figure on horse 1:16-1:9
F3 busts
F4 vignettes (figures are dominant element)
SF sci-fi models
SFF sci-fi figures
O1 ships and vessels 1:1 – 1:400
O2 ships and vessels, 1:401 and smaller
U „smile” (everything that is funny)
I...and anything else you would like to show
Starting categories for youngsters:
MM airplanes 1:72 scale
SDM airplanes 1:48 scale
PMM military vehicles on tracks and wheels 1/72 scale
PDM military vehicles on tracks and wheels 1/35 scale
DM dioramas, without topic or scale split

Special categories
Polish Armed Forces vehicles produced post 1945
WP1 vehicles 1:35 scale
WP2 vehicles 1:72 scale
WP3 aircrafts 1:48 scale
WP4 aircrafts 1:72 scale
WP5 figures without scale split
WP6 dioramas without scale split
WP7 ships without scale split
International Challenge of the UE pot „Euro Pot”
Aircraft models
1:72 scale juniors
1:72 scale, seniors
1:48 scale, juniors
1:48 scale, seniors
Military technique models
1:72 scale, juniors
1:72 scale, seniors
1:35 scale, juniors
1:35 scale, seniors

Within each category the models of aircraft or vehicles which were used in the armies of the present UE members post- WW2 (post- 1945) will be judged. Modelers can also enter these categories with the aircraft and vehicles that were used during WW2, but were also still in use after the end of war by the armed forces of the present UE members. Please Note: Such aircraft and vehicles MUST have the camouflage and markings of the UE members as used post- WW2, and must be properly documented.

Special prizes - sponsored
Memorial of Edward Boni (deceased, well know modeler from Bytom)
KARAYA CUP – prize for the most interesting aircraft model pre- 1921
The most interesting civilian vehicle
The most interesting wheeled Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) - founder S.M.T.M.
88mm and everything in this calibre – founder MODEL WORLD
The most interesting fantasy figure
TORO MODEL TROPHY – for the most interesting military vehicle in 1:48 scale
Golden Eagle – for the most interesting figure in Polish markings/painting
Other special prizes possible if we get more sponsors

Prepared for flight, prepared to fight – models of aircraft or vehicles without open inspection panels, removed armour etc. Open crew hatches or canopies are allowed.
Open – model with opened hatches, panels, removed armour panels etc, including any other variations

Judging Categories are chosen by the modeler, but the judging commission, after discussion and agreement with the contest main judge, can change the category of the model.
Judging criteria:
Models will be judged by the rule „like it – don't like it”. During judgement the committee will be considering care and diligence of assembly and painting.

These regulations and application cards will be published on the websites. There will be an opportunity to apply with the models via internet. Those who will print the application cards themselves please print the JUNIORS cards on colour paper, white cards are reserved for seniors and youngsters.

Festival schedule:
Saturday 25th Feb. 2012
08:00 – 12:30 – display set-up period
12:45 – official start of the festival
13:00 – 19:00 – viewing of the exhibition
15:00 – judging of models

Sunday 26th Feb 2011
09:00-13:30 viewing the exhibition
13:30 – prize presentations and the official end of the festival
14:30 – pack-up and collection of the models
Additional attractions:
Exhibitons of modeling clubs
Modeling workshops

Model “Swap and Sell”
Model “Swap and Sell” will be open on Saturday from 08:30 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 09:00 to 13:00. Use of a booth will be charged. Reservation of booths must be made not later than 1st February 2012. Number of booths is limited.
Organisers do not provide accomodation. Below you can find a list of places where you can book a place. The first place on the list is a hotel where in past years most visitors have stayed.
Hotel „Bytom” - Uni-bar „EDEN”, ul .Zabrzańska 110, phone 032-386-81-09
Hotel, 130 beds, romms with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 9 beds, ul. Strzelców Bytomskich 87a, phone 032-782-18-99
Motel "Tramp" - 20 beds, ul. Dolna 2, phone: 032-280-70-98
Hotel "Bristol" - 60 bedsh, ul. Dworcowa 17 phone: 281-12-41 to 44, secretary: 032-281-70-79
Guest-house „Dolomites Sporting Valley”, ul. Blachówka 94, 41-935 Bytom - Sucha Gór, 68 beds, 2 apartments, Reservations phone: 032-388-66-15 website: http://www.dsd.pl
Hotel Mazur ul. Nałkowskiej 46 41-922 Radzionków, phone 0-32 289-06-03, 0-601-423-165

Additional information:
organisation enquiries phone +48 501228582 or e-mail: [email protected]
contest rules, regulations and judging: see above