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are the RPM Model T kits really 1/35th?
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Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 12:29 AM UTC
About a year or so ago I completed the RPM Model T scout car kit. Until my cat destroyed it by batting it off the bench and onto the floor I was pretty pleased with it. I also have the cargo version which is the identical kit for the most part and the armored car based on the Model T

The thing is that it always looked too small to be an accurate 1/35th scale. Even if the body was right, the seat looked too small for a 1/35th scale figure to sit in and the bench the seat mounted to seemed so close to the steering wheel I don't see how the driver got in. Standing a 1/35th figure next to it really made it seem tiny.Just for the heck of it I compared the seat to the seats in some 1/48th WWI airplane kits I had. The T seat and the airplane seats looked awful close in size. Even 1/48 scale figures looked like they'd fit in the seat properly.

I remember measuring the headlights which I thought looked too big and I think the converted size would have been well over a foot across real world. They were near as large in diameter as the headlights in some 1/24th scale street-rod kits I compared them to.

I bought a really nice highly detailed resin machine gun kit for it -the brand escapes me at the moment- because the one with the kit had a big pit in the side of it and was deformed. I bought a pedestal MG stand from another AM company in white metal that was also 1/35th and both of those looked OK. installed on the model. But there again, the spacing between the back of the machine gun and the back rest on the seat bench were impossibly close so I couldn't imagine anybody being skinny enough to fit were those accurate dimensions.

I started the armored car and there are areas on it that don't quite look right in terms of size, especially the turret hatch and the doors. All look way too small.

Does anybody have any ideas about these particular kits and whether they are actually 1/35th scale or possibly mislabeled 1/48? Or are there other issues with it such as some parts are not scaled right or just serious errors in the whole thing?