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Display stand for 1/72 Lancaster MkIII
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United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 05:13 AM UTC
I'm relatively new to modeling and have done a few 1/72 WWII kits (Spitfire, Hurricane, Bf110). I've now moved on to the 1/72 Revell Lancaster MkIII which is possibly a bit of a leap. I've managed to get the basic kit done though with some slight 'modifications' (i.e. not doing bits which are super fiddly).

The problem I now have is that the kit's almost done but I don't know how to display easily. The bomb doors are open which means the usual hang it from the ceiling option isn't viable. Are there any display stands out there which could be adapted to fit this kit? Don't want to botch the display and damage my many hours work! Thanks in advance
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England - South West, United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 08:21 AM UTC
the only thing i can think of is cutting , or using some strong clear plastic, with a cradle, or a hook to place into the fuselage. i was gonna suggest going old school and hanging it from the cieling.
id reccomend going for a company with easier kits next time, maybe try a 48th tamiya kit, you can pick some of them up for 10-12 depending on where you look!
also, try not to avoid fiddly bits, practice makes perfect, and use glue sparingly, and neatly, possible use tweezers or something also! hope that helps
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British Columbia, Canada
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Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 08:22 AM UTC
Why isn't the hang it from the ceiling option viable? All you'd need is three loops of fishing line; one for each wing and one for the tail. Alternatively, Airfix is releasing a box full of their famous stands, one of which was part of their Lancaster kit back in the day.