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Posted: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 - 03:51 AM UTC
I recently purchased Makoto Takiashi's Perfect Panzer I & II based upon the recommendation of a few modelers here. Thinking that these would be a great tome of "how to" techniques from a real master. And for the most part they are good, although I do not think the English translation covers as much as the kanji does, but I am no expert here.
What I did find interesting and to be honest sadly disappointing was that Makoto San, as great a modeller as he is, has probably never been on an actual tank. Looking through the photos one of the items that jumped out at me was how perfectly perfect the road wheels were. Tanks that looked like they had been through several years of combat had pristine road wheels. Like just come from the factory crisp edges.
Now some may think this is really nitpicky and just being critical, but I am not trying to be. Not in the slightest. Looking at the extreme level of detail that Makoto San puts in I found it really disturbing that something like this, which I consider fairly significant, would be missed. And I am not sure that many builders even catch this. Paint chips, bent fenders, rust marks, rain streaks, I have not always seen on actual vehicles, but the road wheels of a vehicle that actually moves are unmistakeable. All you former tankers out there, back me up on this or correct me, but in my limited experience in the "field" and in combat, the road wheels always stuck out to me for how banged up they got.
I have the utmost respect and admiration for what Makoto San has done, but I am really troubled by this little bit of missing detail. It's like finding out your hero has a weakness. And maybe I am putting too much on the shoulders of Makoto San, and that is MY issue. But when your hero's start seeming less heroic does that make you less or more? Cheers.
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Posted: Monday, June 13, 2011 - 05:40 AM UTC
Interesting observation.
It is troubling for most when their "heroes" fall from their high positions,
sometimes it means that the "worshippers" skills has grown to match
the hero. For some it happens when they grow up and realise their parents
are not all powerful and all mighty but just ordinary people.
I build my kits more or less "straight out of the factory" to save time.
Some things can still be made incorrectly even on a pristine vehicle like
sagging tracks when the real item is the type which can not sag (unless
burned or otherwise destroyed).
Even if the tank looks more or less straight from the repair shop or factory
it can still have "chipped" rubber on the roadwheels.
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