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Posted: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 - 07:07 PM UTC
This is my first build log here, and I'm already several days in, so bear with me.

This started as a challenge by my LHS to buy and build a kit in a little over a month (because most of the guys there rarely finish stuff). The kit was Tamiya's old and rather crappy Panzer II F/G. The rules were simple: use only what's in the box, e.g., no aftermarket, no scratch-building, and nothing from the spares box.

I decided to stretch the rules a little and build something kit-bashed using what's in the box. So, I have the plastic parts, clear baggies, 2 staples, the instructions, the poly-caps, decals, and the box if I really need it. Technically, they are all part of the package...so we'll see how it goes.

I planned early on to do a hovertank with the back of the Pz II representing the front of my tank. That said, I had to do some major surgery to cut off all of the molded on details. And because I needed to conserve parts, I needed to save what I cut off. Off to my Zona saws.

The torso of one of crewmembers made an excellent substructure:

After some other sawing, I managed to create the front armor plate and visor:

I sawed off the storage bins and fenders:

This is how it should look in my mind:

I'll try to add some more later. Next update will probably be about the rear engine turbines that speed this guy along.

Comments/critiques welcome