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How do you begin a new build? (research, etc)
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Ontario, Canada
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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 09:07 AM UTC
I just bought 2 cheap kits from Squadron and it occurred to me... I've never bought a kit I knew anything about, I've bought ones that looked neat or had cool back stories to them.

How does everyone out there do things? Do you buy a kit of something you saw on TV or in a movie recently and it sparks your interest? Did you know something about the subject beforehand?

What do you do once you've got your kit? Do you look online for pictures, buy a book on the subject, scan WWII encyclopedias?

I'm curious. I'm 21 years old and am embarrassed to say I don't know much about this period in History. I am trying to learn, and doing these models is a fun way to do it. I just don't know how/where to go about finding references, I don't know much about the military community.

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Utah, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 01:58 PM UTC
I generally go with things that catch my eye. I get what I like or find interesting first, and then sometimes get something that has a connection to a previous kit. I read a lot of kit reviews to learn about a particular manufacturer, the kit itself, and some background history. I search topics online, both info and images, and hit the forums at several sites frequently for info. I'm no whiz at building, but I enjoy myself, and I"ve learned a lot in the process.

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North Carolina, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 10:52 PM UTC
For a diorama project I start with an idea, maybe something I saw in a movie, maybe something I see in my head. I have even gotten an idea watching the Tour de France roll through a small French town and the architecture sparked my interest.
Then from there I start researching whatever is necessary, army, units, vehicles used, location, weather, ......

For a static piece I'll go with what catches my eye and then research from there. I have so many kits, I don't tend to do the same thing twice (not young enough ). So I typically need to do a fair amount of research
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United Kingdom
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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 02:53 AM UTC
Thanks for information. I'm new to all this stuff that is why I'm interesting in everything
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New York, United States
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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 08:59 AM UTC
Jaredt, before I buy or trade for a kit I try and check on some reviews to see what the pros say about it. If I think it sound good i will get it.
Before I start a build I will do some Internet research for photos, and I read a lot to see what battles, units, nations use the item in question
It is a very fun hobby and I thought I knew quite a bit about WWII but since I started building I have learned so much more
Hope that helps and remember to have fun with your builds
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Queensland, Australia
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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 09:24 AM UTC
I'm like most model builders. I buy a kit I like the look of, I take it home, I open the box, I build it, I paint it, I put it in my display cabinet. No research, no reviews. I enjoy my hobby.

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Ontario, Canada
Member Since: January 12, 2011
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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 12:27 PM UTC
Its funny you say "like most builders" because you're the first person I've heard say that you don't do any research.

Thanks everyone for all the input! I just went to the local used book store and stocked up on some WWII reading material. Should be good for a while!

Got myself:

- The March to Victory by John T. Bookman & Stephen T. Powers
- Germany's Panzer Arm by R. L. Dinardo (part of the Stackpole Military History Series)
- And Blizkrieg - Russia 1941-42 AND 1942-1943

All have a lot of great photos (some nice German tank wrecks, might have to take a stab at one soon).