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Star Wars scratch builder ID help
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Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 02:15 PM UTC
hello all, I have checked out this site many times but finally registered because I am slowly getting back into scratching build after the normal " married , kids things"
As many of you know many of the star wars Studio scale models where kit bashed from a lot of Armor/ aircraft kits. I've started a new ID project from a model that was made by Colin Cantwell in the 1970's for Star wars . The model is his prototype Sandcrawler.
Anyway , so far in just a couple of days I've ID'ed a couple of parts. He was known to use military and space kits from his builds , but this one is tougher. I thought I would ask the experts here for some kits to look through.
They would be vintage 1970's kits. The front three pieces are all the same and look like something from a tonka truck or something that could have been pulled in a military kit...anyway..any help would be greatly appreciated. This will be a long journey to ID the model and put it up so others can follow to build it as well. here's a few images of the model.