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AMPS 2011 Show - Seminar Schedule
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Posted: Saturday, February 05, 2011 - 02:00 PM UTC
Fellow Armor Geeks,

Hold on to your cupolas! The AMPS Show Committee is proud to announce the following seminars and speakers for the 2011 Show in Fredericksburg, VA.

This year's speakers are:

1. Ed Gilbert: "A Century of Marine Armor" Sat I

2. Taesung Harmms: "Scuplting Figures" Sat G

3. Tom Jentz: "Latest WW2 German Armor Research" Sat L

4. Mig Jimenez: "Painting and Weathering Techniques" Fri F and Sat K

5. Rick Lawler/John Steinman:"Snow and Mud Weathering Effects" Fri C

6. Jim Mesko: "Photoview of Pacific War Armor" E

7. Ken Schlotfeldt "Choosing, Using, Maintaining & Troubleshooting your Airbrush equipment" Fri A

8. Cookie Sewell: "The T-72 Tank - History and Modeling" Sat J

9. Neil Stokes: "Modeling the ISU series" Fri B

10. Dave Vickers: "Sherman Tanks at Tarawa" Fri D

11. Steve Zaloga: "Advanced Modeling Techniques" Sat H

Seminars will be held Friday and Saturday. The letter following the day denotes the designated time slot for that day and details can be found at the AMPS site.

With such a great variety of topics presented by noted speakers, authors and accomplished model builders known throughout the armor modeling community, everyone in attendance is sure to find something that is sure to please. The hard part now is deciding which ones to attend.

On-line pre-registration is open at the AMPS site and is a great way to save time by getting the paperwork out of the way. You can also sign up for the 2 scheduled tours set for Wednesday and Thursday when you pre-register for the show. Visit the AMPS website (amps-armor.org)for more seminar and show details.

More show updates to follow soon. So, lets get those entries finished up and ready for transporation as we have less than 2 months before Show time.


Chuck Willis
2nd VP-AMPS East