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AMPS 2011 International Show Vendor Update
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Posted: Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 03:26 AM UTC
To all perspective Armor Vendors and those interested in the Vendor portion of the show,

As the AMPS 2011 International Convention Vendor Coordinator, I have sent out this past week, vendor registration announcement emails to all the vendors that are in our Vendor database. This database contains information that was used for the 2010 Auburn, Indiana show along with about a dozen newly added vendors for this coming show.

These emailings were much later this year for several reasons. One, this year's show is a full (4) four days in length as we have added another day of fun. It's taken more planning for this extra day as we now will have 2 days of armor museum tours. Those tours are the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles (WWW.VMMV.org) in Nokesville, VA and the National Marine Corps Museum (WWW.USMCMuseum.com) located in Quantico, VA. To plan that out and coordinate that effort has been huge. Additionally, we are introducing a new way of sponsoring the show this year which has required a bit more coordination. Expanding the show has expanded the coordination of it. This work will truly bring about a fantastic and memorable event for many years to come.

So, for vendors, the time to reserve and rent tables is now. There are 81 main venue vendor tables and 23 outside hallway "one day only" tables for rent. The hallway leads up to the doors leading into the main venue so they are seen. These "one day only" tables will be significantly lower in price and I expect them to sell quickly. In five days, we have already sold 24 main hall and 2 hallway tables so please do not delay in registering.

As a reminder and a correction to an earlier post, the cost of the VMMV armor tour is $25 USD per person. If you are a vendor and you are registering for the show and want to go on the VMMV armor tour, you have to include your payment for that tour at time of your table registration. Information on how to do that is included in the vendor packet which was emailed. This cost will defray the cost of renting buses that will carry those for this tour to the VMMV facility. There is a deadline to register for this tour as well as the Marine Corps tour (no cost associated with the Marine Corps tour). If you show up on the day of the tour without having registered before hand you will not go.

If you did not receive an email with that packet, you may contact me at (WalkerBullDogBoy"@"Verizon.net) OR visit the official AMPS Show Website link at the AMPS website located at www.Amps-Armor.org. The vendor registration packet should be up on the website, hopefully sometime this weekend by Monday, 12/20/2010. We will be adding a listing of those vendors that have committed to attending our show on the AMPS website soon.

Thank you for your interest in this Show. We look forward to serving the armor modeling community.

In closing, please consider sponsoring this year's show as well as our two armor tour participants. Information on how to sponsor the VMMV and USMC Museums can be found on their websites. Sponsoring them is what AMPS is all about, preserving armor and it's history for future generations now and not yet born. These organizations preserve the vehicles that have helped our country to remain free.

Glen Martin
AMPS 2011 International Convention Vendor Coordinator