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2nd Pegaso International painting Workshop
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Paris, France
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Posted: Friday, September 17, 2010 - 10:00 AM UTC
Pegaso Models announced 2nd International Painting Workshop, to be hosted, in English language, near Siena from 25 to 28 November 2010.

Under here you can read an abstract from the annuncement of the second edition of the "International Painting Workshop".
You can find the complete annuncement here: http://www.laruotadeltempo.eu/pagese...ca2en.asp?id=8

After three successful editions of this workshop at a national level and one international edition, “The Wheel of Time” Association and Pegaso Models are proud to announce the second International Painting Workshop, which will be hosted in Siena from 25 to 28 November 2010.
Over a period of four days, in the Siennese countryside, a comprehensive workshop on the technique and art of figure painting will be held. The attendees will be exposed to the painting techniques and routines of the workshop trainers, who will be mindful of and sensitive to each person’s individual styles and preferences. The workshop will have the correct balance of theoretical content, demonstrations and practical ‘hands on’ application, for those who want to improve their figure painting. It will also enable participants to make new networks and provide an opportunity to meet up with old friends.

The aim of this International Painting Workshop is to unite figure painters into a grand community, to create a network of contacts which will transcend international borders, to overcome the doubt, difficulties and fears amongst beginners and to be able to meet some of the internationally famous artists in the world of figure painting who will supervise and work with them.
Similar to the earlier editions, this workshop will be hosted in an environment which will inspire the creative talents of individuals: held in an extraordinary setting with the soft Tuscan hills as a backdrop, at an extremely evocative location near Siena, and a reception with typical Italian warmth and hospitality.


The structure of the International Painting Workshop 2010 is simple. The workshop which will be held in the main hall of the “Borgo di Barigianino” Hotel (www.barigianino.com), in Rosia (Siena), and is pitched as a “general advanced course” in figure painting. It will have two distinct classes: painting with oils and painting with acrylics. The classes will have a maximum of 15 people per class, which is an ideal number to enable the supervisors to offer continual and punctual assistance, input and support on an individual basis.
The classes are divided into a series of painting sessions, each lasting about 4 hours and these will be preceded by a theoretical, introductory lecture which will be held in the late afternoon/early evening, Thursday 25th November 2010. The various painting sessions will be structured into themes and will explore different principles, techniques and practical advice to render flesh, cloth, leather, metallics and decorations.

Each class will be led by two instructors who will alternatively demonstrate their techniques to the class and will provide continuous monitoring and support for the participants.

The classes will be lead by the following:

• Acrylic painting class: Diego Ruina & Emiliano Iacobacci

• Oil painting class: Pietro Balloni & Massimo Pasquali

Although registration is open to all, a minimum level of painting experience (at least at “standard” level) is required. This is because only a minimum amount of time will be spent on the basic fundamentals of figure painting.
Every participant will receive a 75mm figure, produced by Pegaso Models, complete with a base made from Paduk. The figure will be a conversion by Andrea Jula of one of the subjects in the Pegaso Models catalogue and will be produced exclusively for the participants of the International Painting Workshop 2010. This figure will not be made commercially available.
This figure will be the subject of the demonstrations and practical applications. It must be noted that the figure will need to be prepared and ready for painting prior to the Workshop. The cleaning of the figure, including the removal of mould lines and flash, pinning and assembly, mounting the piece on an adequate support and priming the figure, will be the responsibility of each participant.
At the end of the Workshop, each participant will receive a certificate of participation.
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Paris, France
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Posted: Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 06:43 PM UTC
Please find attached the article which our friend Franco have prepared for the Pegaso Workshop which some of us attended.

Thanks to him. Thanks to all for the great fun and learning.

Voir le Fichier : Pegaso_workshop_article.pdf