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New "Advanced Air Force" WWII boardgame.
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Posted: Saturday, February 06, 2010 - 03:01 AM UTC

This is a free on-line link to the boardgame variant I made and researched for over 14 years, with many changes added up to the last minute... It includes 8 full colour fighter Data Cards, each with specially-made 1/144 scale aircraft profile drawings. The 10 available types are: FW-190A-8, Me-109G-6, P-51B/C/D, P-47D, P-38L, Spit Mk XIV, Me-163B, A6M5 Zero, B-24J, B-29.

Those familiar with Avalon Hill's "Air Force" will recognize the design: It is fairly intuitive and self-explanatory, and represents performance over ten seconds for each Game-Turn...

Note the game's performance hierarchy was made based on thousands of WWII pilot accounts (including all those on Mike William's "WWII aircraft performance" site), and not theoretical calculations, unlike all current computer games...

The winglift-depressing effect of nose-driven traction is accounted for in the design, this based on pilot accounts. This does replicate, on most fighter types, the need to downthrottle to get the best sustained turn rate, if not to the extent it probably should...

Note "Power Factors" mostly reflect the aerodynamic ability to sustain speed in turns, not necessarily the straight-line acceleration...

This is NOT the conventional "calculated" viewpoint on how these aircrafts compared, and it will not match some vintage full power comparative tests, particularly US Navy tests of the FW-190A. It does reflect actual fighter pilot opinion and tactics...:

I am fairly sure this is by far the most accurate comparison "picture" of these aircrafts that has ever been done, particularly because of the lack of understanding by other simulations games of the winglift-depressing effect of propeller traction... To other simulations, there is no fundamental difference between propeller-driven WWII fighters and jets!

Though I realize few people here have an interest in boardgames, I hope some of you will enjoy it.