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IPMS/USA Regional Contest Mandate
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Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009 - 06:50 AM UTC
IPMS/USA Regional Contest Mandate


This is to advise you that the IPMS Executive board has mandated that all IPMS Regional contests are to be judged on the 1-2-3-style. This mandate came after a rather questionable poll conducted earlier in the year, by one of the E-Board members. On the IPMS/USA forums, those members that have voiced dissenting opinions are being called trolls and malcontents (by the outgoing President, no less) as well as having posting privileges suspended by their puppet forum administrator.

Two chapters (one in Region 2, one in Region 4) have decided not to host any more Regionals. If you're an IPMS/USA member, and you feel that the E-board should not have the perceived authority to make decisions regarding how a chapter (who takes the FINANCIAL RISK of hosting the Regional) can or cannot run a Regional contest, please let them know.

Just wanted to get the word out.

James Kelley