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acrylics question
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Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 07:25 AM UTC
I'm just getting into airbrushing and was wondering if any of the acrylics at Michaels or Hobby Lobby are ok to use until I order some Tamiya or some other kind of paints.

I've heard the Model master acrylics weren't so great. Are any of the acrylics in the regular painting aisle ok? I'm not a stickler on exact colors. As long as I'm close, I'm fine. I'm just wondering about if any are ok to thin with alcohol and run through an airbrush (the guy that showed me how to paint thinned them with alcohol and it seemed to work great).

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Alberta, Canada
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Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 01:01 PM UTC
Hi John !

I don't shop at Micheals so I don't know what paints they carry same with Hobby Lobby , we don't have that here where I live .

If you can give some brand names as to what you are ref to you will get a more deatil answer .

I have use and still do Testors Model Master Acrylics . They can be very tempermental at times and need to be thinned just right . They aren't all that bad , but I don't use them for brush painting . You can use rubbing alcohol to thin them and clean your airbrush as well .
Be careful though , using alcohol can gum up the paint sometimes depending on the brand of rubbing alcohol Don't use the 50 % use the 80% or higher . Best deal is windsheild washer fuild . Works like a charm .

Vallejo have a large range of paints from the model line colours and are great for brush painting ( a little goes a long way ! ) valljeo air is for airbrushing and they are thinned already I believe but I could be wrong on that , so don't hold it agaist me okay ! Both clean up with water very well or at least the model line does , haven't tried the latter .

Hope this helps you out some