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Useful WWII AFV Website
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Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 11:34 AM UTC
I hit upon this site and while searching out some WWI tank camo schemes. I am sure many may be familiar with it, but on the chance that it may help others I opened a thread about it. You can never have too much information about this sort of thing! I was pretty impressed with the site and enjoyed it immensely!


While I know museum pieces may have issues with accuracy and paint, this site is still a pretty good reference with many nationalities of vehicles covered. It's good to know these vehicles still exist somewhere. The site stated there are some recent additions including Russian Armored Cars, French WWII AFVs, Pershing tanks, and Japanese medium and light tanks. Lots of British (Commonwealth) and the obligatory German stuff is there. I was pretty amused at one section labeled "Reproductions" which showed a few of the "Tigers" that pop up in films on occasion. Some of the other reproduction vehicles made by re-enactment groups and other creative sorts were pretty cool looking if maybe nothing that would fool an expert. I liked the extensive set of Russian and Italian vehicles pictures. There were oddities and unusual vehicles from many nationalities including a few of the tankettes I have models of that don't have a word of English on the boxes so I don't even know what they are actually called. I really appreciated the display of WWI armor as well. All the links to other sites are well worth noting although a few may be familiar.

So, I'm happy if this site is of use to some of you and sorry (not really!) if it's redundant.