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How to motivate oneself!!
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Gauteng, South Africa
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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 - 06:58 AM UTC
Hi guys & gals

Been going through a rough patch lately.....lost my job.....my wife wants a break.....and everything just fell apart!!!Now I got a job again.....my wife still on a break and now I do have quite a lot of time for myself.I am dying to start a build but I just cannot get myself motivated to start!
Any ideas as to how I can kickstart myself into action and do something constructive!!!!

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New Jersey, United States
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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 - 07:49 AM UTC
Hi Henk
Go to the next modeling show in your area IPMS or Amps if possible
I am sure that will get you started again for sure.


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England - South West, United Kingdom
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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 - 08:12 AM UTC
what i did, was to buy a few cheaper, or smaller kits,
so far in my "small cheap phase" i have built
2x hobbyboss 1/48 t-34s(one went really well one went down the drain)
3x hobbyboss 1/48 KV's ( 1 incomplete, one went down the drain, and im working on one now)
1xDml 1/72 Jagdtiger ( went really well)

they all cost approximatley 10 each, so i had 6 fun builds for 60, which is good value.
or maybe go up a scale, and do something big and ambitious! it all depends on what you like doing.
like planes? try trucks
like Figures? try some sci fi!

i hope i helped
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Limburg, Netherlands
Member Since: November 18, 2003
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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 - 06:58 PM UTC
what always motivates me is reading about a subject or seeing something about it on TV. It makes want to get more information and it usually follows into building the scale version of it.
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Ontario, Canada
Member Since: September 18, 2005
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Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - 12:09 PM UTC
I have always found a good out of the box build gets me back in the mood. Good luck with everything.
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United States
Member Since: May 19, 2003
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Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - 04:26 PM UTC
It is possible that the body is still in a stressed state and needs more time to let it die down before it is capable of taking on any more activities. After some family happenings, I also was quite emotionally exhausted. It took about three months after all the events had passed until I was able to sit quietly and work on a model. Even then I had to slowly work up to be able to model for more then a few minutes at a time. Hope it helps
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New York, United States
Member Since: January 21, 2008
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Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 05:28 AM UTC
Hello Henk, first, I amglad to hear things are improving for you. What I do to motivate myself is to do anything at all that is model related. Remove and clean up a few parts, build a sub-assembly, paint a part or maybe a figure, anything that will get me one step closer to finishing a project or help me start a new one. I find that one thing often leads to another and I've accomplished more than I originally intended. Some times starting a kit or project can seem overwhelming, by doing at least something whenever you can, you make progress towards finishing it. I often am surprised when I finish something sooner than i thought, because it seemed as if there still was so much to do. Al
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Ontario, Canada
Member Since: September 26, 2006
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Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 06:04 AM UTC

Start a small project..................... like a Panzer II or equivalent. Something that can be done quickly and with good results.......... not something complicated.

Mind you, I started down that road too........... and then somehow I found myself purchasing the PE set ......... then scratch building stuff after looking through a lot of books............... and then before you know ................ I was in DEEEP !!!!
Member Since: December 18, 2001
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Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 08:33 AM UTC
Like someone else said, watch a movie with some hardware in it or a TV show on Discover Channel about military vehicles. It should motivate you or give you ideas to start a build.
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Maryland, United States
Member Since: August 17, 2009
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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 03:55 AM UTC
I think that a small local show would be the ticket. to see the guys that are just building because they actually love it and just want to show it rather than the big shows. just being in that enviroment and the smell of the shop should kick start something. good luck
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England - West Midlands, United Kingdom
Member Since: June 23, 2008
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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 05:22 AM UTC
Rob's idea works I usually use it but for some reason I cannot get motavated at the moment and the reason for me stopping was due to the relationshp with my girlfriend which I ended up smashing about 8 WIP's.

But everything will fall back into place with your wife it did for me. I also suggest find something you want to build and just do alot of research on it and then when you are ready, you can build something pritty accurate or simply just do a Tamiya kit on the kitchen table one evening

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England - East Anglia, United Kingdom
Member Since: June 09, 2009
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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 07:38 AM UTC
Hi Buddy,when i was in a similar situation to you with my SWMBO,i went down the road of doing something expensive - never has so much love and attention been lavished on Tamiya`s Dragon Wagon !,this and listening to my favourite tunes as loud as i liked got me through the long, lonely nights (with head-phones sometimes to spare my neighbours after dark).
I hope this helps and i hope it all pans out for you in the end - Hang in there mate
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Ontario, Canada
Member Since: May 21, 2008
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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 08:08 AM UTC
Find some kit that you are really enthused about building. For me, Alanger's horrible T-35 kit is a great motivator - who cares that the turrets don't fit together when there is 5 of them!