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Dumb germans + movie scene spoiler
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Victoria, Australia
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Posted: Sunday, June 14, 2009 - 04:17 PM UTC
as most have noted in movies in the past we see our heroins taking down hundereds of "Naaaziiiss" and yet the horde of stupid germans keeps coming. but in recent times we see more of just of a enemy who fights and dies like us ( band of brothers, saving private ryan) but i was remined of earlier war films while watching 'Benjamin Button'.

In the film a armed tug boat come across a Burning transport ship that has been torpeedoed by a U boat, and in the U boats captains infinate wisdom he surfaces and puts one of his men on the deck armed with a mg 42, now here the kicker: there is a deck gun that would reduce a tug to match wood yet it is ignored, only one man appears above deck (did they draw straws and 'Hans' got the short one LOL), no maneuvers were made the Uboat just sat there....

i believe Bernard the stupid sailer must have been skipper on the current hunt,
Now some may think i'm just pointing out flaws, even though i am these flaws a big ones that any one with submarine knowledge little or vast would notice this mistake.

what i would like to know is your opion are we making the enemy incredibly dumb or just have the lone fool on screen.

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Massachusetts, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - 06:23 AM UTC
Just came across this post, so it gets a

I saw that movie a couple weeks ago, it was good enough to keep SWMBO up until 11 on a work night and I followed the story as well. To me it was cotton candy, interesting and sort of fun while you're taking it in, but I was left with the question, "Why'd I do that?"

I agree, I thought it was strange the Germans didn't engage the tug with the deck gun, since that was a primary weapon of the U-Boats. The only logical explanation was that the Germans were pinned down by the tug's machine gun (possibly a water cooled .50?) And it is confusing why the sub didn't dive after being shot at.

It's also iteresting that while BB is in Murmansk , there seems to be no war affeting the Russians until Pearl Harbor is attacked.

I ended up withother questions not related to subjects typically discussed here so I'll pass on raising them.
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Posted: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - 11:16 AM UTC
I watched the movie with the wife last night. Very entertaining movie I would have never watched if she hadn't rented it. I was questioning the WW2 aspect, but it was small potatoes compared to the concept of being born old and dying 80-90 years later as an infant.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, a movie about a man who lived for the moment.
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