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New RC Tank Club in SE Michigan USA Launched
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Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - 12:26 PM UTC

Introduction Letter to the Detroit Tank Command in S.E. Michigan

Tankers and interested parties:

You are receiving this information because you have expressed interest in an 1/15-1/16 R/C Armor Club that would engage in simulated battles modeled after historic actions from WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, etc. You expressed interest in a local club in the southeastern part of Michigan. Well we are happy to announce that we are launching our club and WEB site as of May 8, 2009. The site address is: http://www.detroittankcommand.com please go to the site and review its current contents. We are looking for feedback on the site and the idea of the club. We would like to hear from you to confirm your contact information and thoughts about the club in general.

As many of you know, I have been working to develop an R/C Tank Club based on this mission for the past many months. I have recently been joined by Michael Schrader of Canton, Michigan. His name appears on the flyer that we have been handing out at the hobby shows also. We plan to place these flyers in the local hobby shops as well in an attempt to develop membership in this hobby. Michael has developed several pages on the web site to help people understand what R/C model tanking is about. The Website gives you some overview type information on the hobby, costs, and just some general information. Please read this, it may help generate questions and ideas. Please review and as always we welcome your comments.

We believe that we as a group of interested individuals need to make some decision on what we think the direction of this group should be. Please bear with us as we ramble through our thoughts.

• We need to decide how we will operate. We will be an independent group or a sub set of the existing Military Club in Livonia Michigan. At this point we will be operating independently of the MMMS group. They will be available for mentoring and resources.
• We would like to suggest that we plan to meet as a group in a central location as soon possible to review the club ideas and the direction we’ve currently set. Then we need to begin having some type of scheduled meeting or event to lay the ground work for what our long range plans are. Then we need to run the tanks! Have fun and exchange ideas between the members, that’s what the club is all about getting together and having fun, running the tanks.
• The web site lays out many questions on the club operation etc. We need to come together and confirm these assumptions and move forward.
• Our meetings should cover the various aspects of modeling, R/C related issues, each month and have a newsletter that covers the highlights for those that can not attend and as a record for the club. This makes the development of the R/C aspect of the club the main theme as the other types of "club stuff" are already being done.
• What do you expect from a club? What type of things, events, meeting, talks would you be interested in?
• Guidelines/rules for operating the models. The set of rules covers the operation of the battle events, but we may need or want to add some other Guidelines that you as members would request or think necessary.
• Indoor verses Outdoor running. We would like to research this and get more information from other clubs in the US currently operating this way.
• If you know of anyone in the Detroit-Howell Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan areas that is interested in Radio Control Armor clubs please give them our e-mail addresses and we'll contact them.

We are looking for any feedback or thoughts on these points from all of you. We have been researching this hobby for about a year now and have a lot of information and sites to share. Together we can expand this aspect of RC modeling to the South Eastern Michigan, Northern Ohio and Lower Ontario areas including maybe the Upper Mid Western States.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you, Thanks again for your interest in R/C Armor Modeling and the Detroit Tank Command http://www.detroittankcommand.com DTC Forum http://dettankcom.org/forum/index.php

Commanding Officer
Jim Jackson [email protected] (517) 518-1260

Executive Officer/Purser
Michael Schrader [email protected] (734) 397-2196