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Scalloping the Zeke (mitsubishi zero a6m
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Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 - 03:05 AM UTC
Hello fellow modellers!
I’m preparing to make Tamiya’s I/32 Zeke, I’ve bought the osprey guide to modelling the Bird, and in it I see a wonderful piece of work done by “scalloping”.
The author explains scalloping and gives a ref (won’t order the said mag as it would arrive to me long after I’ve started work on the Zero - the coming week will be Zero’s week, and then back to work)

I’d love to know more about scalloping: is it as difficult as it is said? (I love tiny precise work, I must be autistic, precision work is my zen meditation), what is the best way to proceed, what tool do you think I should use? Should I experiment on a $1 kit?

All your comments, info, remarks etc are most most welcome!
Keep on flying!