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Cheapest, nastiest DIY punch and die.
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Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 11:54 AM UTC
I had an idea tonight to make a punch and die. I feel I need one but can't
stretch to a pro made one. Nor did I have any decent materials to hand to
make one.

Instead I sawed the ratchet end off a box of mini drills. like so
cheapo punch and die

Then drill some holes in it. All the way through the perspex and blue plastic.
cheapo punch and die

Then simply slip in the plastic sheet and punch away with a reversed drill bit.

cheapo punch and die

I made some 1/76 rivets with a .5mm drill bit
skdfz 7

It won't stand up to PE, and sizes larger than .7mm should be drilled on the thick ridges
ideally the outermost ones for extra support.

It is better at punching holes than making rivets but it didn't cost a thing and the other
end of the drill box still works. It just doesn't ratchet.

Mk2 will have some extra support glued to the underside for more support to stop flexing that leads
to the misshapen rivets.

Just thought I'd share it.