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Coursework Spray Booth Design Ideas
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Posted: Saturday, October 25, 2008 - 10:02 AM UTC
Hi all,
As you may know, I started a thread a while ago aiming to build a spray booth for my A-Level coursework (here). Having done my research, I've moved onto brainstorming possible ideas/designs for the booth, some of which I'd like to share and would be very grateful for your opinions on:

Firstly, a sensible idea:
This design incorporates two removable glass or plastic panels that slide into grooves along the top and down the front of the booth; both are shown inserted in the first picture, with just the top piece shown in the second image, leaving the grooves for the front piece visible. Some of the suggestions from the questionnaire I posted in the thread linked above were incorporated, such as the plug sockets and the paint storage (Most of the designs include some method of airbrush storage and a light if needed, as requested).

Secondly, a more interesting design:
This is my favourite idea, because I think it gives a nice open-plan area for working, with storage very close at hand. The stepped white section at the front rotates by about 100 (It can't rotate fully because there needs to be a channel at the back for the fan to pull air through; see the third picture). The topmost 'layer' of this rotating section has a grid which covers the main working area. On top of this sits another grid that acts as a turntable, giving a full 360 rotation. The two overlapping grids should catch any small bits that are dropped or fall off being sucked into the fan, whilst not reducing the suction power of the fan too much.

Finally, two wacky, blue-sky designs (Believe it or not, I will get marks in my coursework for drawing a completely impractical design, and then describing why it's useless). The first one is based on a tamiya paint bottle:

The lighter green sections in the 'lid' of the bottle are covers for the white storage area; they will slide all the way back and forth so the storage area can be completely open or closed. This is the only booth that would be an updraft, whereas all the others would be downdraft.

This is admittedly quite an odd idea, but it was fun designing it; the 'tray' containing the humbrol tins would slide in and out, and I think the curves of the outside edges are quite aesthetic, though impractical.

I've used some of the other ideas from the questionnaire, such as the suggested fold-away design in my coursework, but I didn't think you'd want to trawl through all 16 designs I'm forced to produce.

Any comments/suggestions/critisisms would be welcome; I am planning on building the second design for my coursework; it may be a less pratical design than the first but I think it is much more interesting and unusual, as well as being more of a challenge to build.
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Posted: Saturday, October 25, 2008 - 11:16 AM UTC
some immense stuff there, i would personally try to sell the tamiya paint jar one to tamiya, haha, ifd those were my pieces i would be pretty pleased!
i would gladly look upon the other 16 designs:D
hope yuo get the grades you deserve,


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Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 07:50 AM UTC
Some very impressive work there, you must have put a fair few hours work into it all so far!
One same idea you might possibly consider on the second design is making some shelves on the back wall for paint pots? I know you wouldn't want them all the way to the bottom but maybe at the top or with a door/cover to protect them while spraying?
Anyway congrats on yourhard work so far, keep it up and I'm sure we'll see a new spray booth on the maket in no time.