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2002-04-11 18:06:18
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Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2002 - 06:06 AM UTC
Yup Jack here again. I wanted to begin a thread on selecting titles for scenes Dioramas etc. I think the title is a very important aspect of any work. If the title is too long it doesn't come off right. If it's too "pompous" well.....that doesn't do the trick either. I've found that idioms, colloquial phrases, bible quotations, and so on can work well if balanced properly. The idea is not to bludgeon the spec*tator over the noggin. For example a play on words can be ideal. To give you an example "Ashes to Ashes carries the idea of the temporal nature of human existence, while at the same time reflecting the creation and termination aspect of Man, the German Reich etc. This also calls to mind the ashes left from the blunder headed Allied bombing of the Abbey at Monte Cassino. So you see a good play on woe*rds can have meant different orientations. And in case you hadn't guessed I'm working on part two, which is entitled "Dust to Dust" This will focus on the Poles entering the dust of the Abbey. The last Banzai represents the final, illfated Japanese armour attack during WW2 (don't recall the exact battle name). And Requiem, is of course a Requiem for a nation, a people, evrything to do with the Balkan Madness. A diorama should make us think, a title should help to understand the essence of the composition.

Jack wax philosphic.