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Beware MisterKit website
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2007 - 06:30 AM UTC
I encountered a serious security issue while trying to order things from the www.misterkit.com website in Italy--I realized that as I was ordering, there were already about $2,500 USD worth of items already in my cart, apparently from someone else's order, that did not want to go away no matter how many times I tried to delete them--then I realized that I was actually, through no effort of my own, logged into someone else's account! Someone with an Italian address. I had to log out and register under my own name, but then I did not feel safe completing the order, entering my financial information, which could end up on the computer of god-knows-who. I've emailed the website about this problem, and meanwhile placed my order elsewhere, but I wonder how many other people out there have encountered this glitch--so I would advise avoiding the MisterKit website for the time being, until the problem is fixed.