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Seeking other attachments for Etch-Grip/TCM
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Nebraska, United States
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Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 03:34 PM UTC
Recently obtained an Etch-Grip and TCM device, and like it very much. I am very interested in finding the attachments that also go with it--the Carve-It, Sculpt-it, etc., as well as extra glue buttons of various consistencies. I've also been looking for the Magna-Bot by Zenith. Any assistance on how I might obtain such things would be eternally appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, also, I have already looked into the Zenith Modelling site and Rai-Ro, and have emailed the distributor, without success...am looking for other options.

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England - South West, United Kingdom
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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007 - 06:28 AM UTC
Contacted, see P-M

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