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AMPS Boresight Article Plea
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Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 08:05 AM UTC
Members, hopefully everyone has gotten their Halftrack special by now and is enjoying it. I'm just about finished editing the next issue, so that should be going to the printer "real soon now", so you'll get another issue before Christmas. You'll see that we are going to a larger issue with 32 pages from now on.

That said, all the content in Boresight is provided by you, the readers. While I do write the occasional article, I can't fill 6 issues of Boresight per year. I need your help. While suggestions for future articles are interesting, and form some basis for our future editorial direction, we don't hand out writing assignments for Boresight to some staff of writers so that these topics appear in the magazine. Everybody in the society could demand that we really need an article on the Pz IV, but I don't know enough about that vehicle to fill a matchbox, so unless someone (other than me) writes such an article, it will never appear in Boresight, no matter how many people want it.

As I said above, we have recently increased the size of Boresight to 32 pages to provide better value to our members, but that means even more material is needed from you guys. I'm serious, I do not have a stack of unpublished articles to pick and choose from. As it sits right now, I have enough material for 1 1/2 more Boresights and then that's it, the well is dry. So if you like the direction Boresight has been moving in, then please consider contributing.

Even better, don't consider contributing, contribute!

Write a ahort review of the kit you are building, a few notes and a few digital pictures is all it takes. Scan & sumbit a whack of photos of a cool vehicle near your home and there's a cool "walkaround" article. If you know a lot about a single subject, dig out a few juicy tidbits and send them in and we have a neat filler article. You don't have to be some sort of mythical expert to write an article. Build, shoot and write what you have done and whammo, you will be a published author. It's actually pretty cool to see your name in print.

Boresight needs your articles.



Contact me at:

[email protected] replace the "dot" with "."

The Boresight writer's guide is appended below.

Thanks for the work I know you guys will submit.


_Writing for Boresight_

Writing for Boresight couldn't be easier. So far we've printed everything that members have submitted, so no worries there. To ease the workload of the poor unfortunate Editor (your's truly) there are a few conditions that I prefer articles meet, but even these are optional if there's really no way for you to meet them:


- Resolution 1024 x 768 or better. Bigger is better as I can reduce files to fit, but I can't blow up photos that are too small.
- Virtually any format is OK, but JPEG is preferred with TIFF being preferred if you want to use a non-compressed format.
- Most photos should be landscape but some in portrait orientation are good as well. Photos that might be considered for the cover end up being portrait due to the shape of the magazine. I can crop a landscape photo to portrait, but it requires a high rez photo to get good quality, ~1.5 mb or better.
- Any number of photos can be submitted, but I can generally only fit 15-20 photos per article in the magazine. The rest will be displayed on the web site, so feel free to submit them, but limit the captions and article references to the 15 or so best photos.


- Any digital format is preferred over any hard copy, although I'll use hard copy if I have to.
- Prefer Word, Wordperfect, RTF or ASCII Text formats in that order, but I can work with others if need be.
- Do not add any "interesting" formatting or fonts to the article; I'll only have to re-do it to fit the magazine pages. Arial or Times New Roman are fine.
- Captions for photos are desired, but not necessary. It is far more interesting for readers to hear from the author what he finds interesting or noteworthy as opposed to trying to figure out everything themselves.
- If doing a photo "walk-around" it is desirable to include at least a small "canned" history of the vehicle, whether that be a history of the general vehicle type or of the specific vehicle in the photos.
- Either correct or Americanised spellings are acceptable. If you write it in "Canajian, Eh?" English, I won't be changing the spelling to take the U out of armour. The only place I do that is in the names of actual organisations to bring it to the spelling chosen by that organisation.

Remember -

More info is always better. If you write it, I'll find a way to print it. If an article is long and interesting I'll make it a two-parter. Boresight is all about getting more basic information into the modeller's hands.

Paul Roberts
Editor, Boresight

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Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 08:20 AM UTC
PM sent....