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Boresight Author Incentive Program
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Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - 05:38 AM UTC
In order to increase the stock of articles for the AMPS journal, Boresight, the Society has authorised me to offer the following incentives to authors; starting with the July-August 2007 issue AMPS will award an unbuilt, new kit to one randomly selected author per issue. The kit will be valued at approximately US$55 plus surface postage anywhere in the world. We will endeavour to choose these kits from the most recent releases available at the time of kit purchase (or donation).


- The incentive is open to AMPS members and non-members alike with the exception that members of the AMPS Executive Board, elected or appointed, are not eligible.
- The award will be made to one randomly selected author each issue.
- The award will be made only from those articles that actually appear in each issue.
- Articles that have not yet been published will not be considered for the draw until they actually appear in print.
- There is no limit to the number of articles that may be submitted or to the number of kits that a single author may be awarded, over time.
- At the discretion of the editor more than one article from a single author may be included in a single issue of Boresight and this author would earn a chance to win for each article published in that issue.
- Authors will not be able to choose which kit is awarded (sorry) and they must be accepted as awarded.
- Substitution is not permitted and the kits have no cash value.
- The editor shall not select the winning author.
- The person selecting the winning author shall not know the names of any authors in the pool for that issue.
- Names of winning authors will be announced on the AMPS web site.

Submissions can be made directly to me at:

[email protected] replace the "dot" with "."