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Next Boresight Special – US Halftracks
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Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007 - 08:46 AM UTC
As Boresight Editor, I am pleased as punch to announce the next Boresight Special – US Halftracks.

Inspired by the raft of new halftrack kits, this issue of Boresight will concentrate on the US halftracks, be they M3, M5, M16, M4 or M15. I am looking for articles on any and all variations of the ubiquitous US halftrack whether in US or other service. Photograph walk-arounds or build articles, service anecdotes or tech manual drawings, all are welcome. This issue will be published in November, 2007, so I need all articles submitted by the end of September, 2007. If you liked the Stuart Special, this one needs your help to be just as good!

Articles are solicited from anyone with knowledge of US Halftracks whether you are or are not an AMPS member. Non-members will receive a free copy of the Special with their material.

Email material to me at [email protected] replace the “dot” with “.”


Boresight Article Guidelines

Producing articles for publication in some magazines involves an arcane process of submission guidelines and format templates. Not so Boresight. We print everything submitted. In fact, I will accept articles in almost any format you can get to me and I will take photos or images in almost any format as well.

That said, there are a few hints and practices that will require less work by me and, thus, ensure your article is published sooner than an article that requires a lot of work on my part.

Text portions of an article can be in any format but Word, Wordperfect, RTF or plain ASCII text formats are easiest for me.
My favourite image formats are JPEG or GIF but BMP and TIFF are almost as good.
Please proofread your article. If it requires a lot of correction, and then it tends to go to the bottom of the pile.
Images should be at least 200 DPI, 300 DPI is preferred.
Images captions should refer to the actual file name of the image.
Keep the formatting of articles as simple as possible. No columns, fancy fonts, dropped caps or the like.
Refer to no more than 15 photos in your text. You can supply more, but I may not have space to publish all of them, so refer to no more than 15 and I can guarantee that all of the most important photos will make it into the article.
Please make sure your photos are sharply focused and have a reasonable colour balance, I can lighten or darken images, but I can’t create focus where there is none.

Follow these simple suggestions and your article will appear shortly after you submit it.