Writing Reviews - Some Practical Tips...


The structure of a review is quite simple:



Evaluation - Product in Detail

Final Comments

Acknowledgements/Further Details

Subject/Content simply lists the subject along with the 'specifics' - areas such as packaging, what color the plastic is moulded in etc. Evaluation is exactly that - doing the analysis of the product in some detail. Final comments are your personal view of the product - is it good, is it worth the money what are its strengths and weaknesses etc. The final part of the review (optional) talks about where it was obtained, gives thanks to those who provided the review sample and can link into any (previously reviewed) reference material. There is a great deal of discipline required to 'keep on message' - keep all opinions until the final analysis...

Material for Review....

In general, any currently available kit, book, AM set or Tool is fair game for review. Many people are still laboring under the misapprehension that ONLY new products are eligible for review. Not so. The only criteria is that they should be easily available. Logically, there is little point in reviewing an item which is only available in limited quantities from a specialized vendor at high-prices from an on-line auction.


Armorama does receive a fair amount of review samples which are distributed by the area Managing Editors to the people they think will do the best job on them. That said, the overwhelming majority of products reviewed on the site are purchased by the reviewers themselves. The vast majority of my own reviews are of products I purchased myself. Reviewing is NOT a good way of increasing the 'stash'. Nor is it worthwhile for individuals to contact companies directly for review samples - the manufacturers and publishers all have lists of the people they supply review samples to and those they are in contact with...

Final thoughts.

Reviewing can be an incredibly satisfying experience. For anyone (like myself) who is opinionated and enjoys writing, a review is a good positive experience which can help you understand the process a manufacturer goes through to produce a product. It isn't a 'Product Endorsement' though. The principal demand on a reviewer is to present their INDEPENDENT opinions about a product and offer a serious analysis. which, at the end of the day, can be of enormous help to their fellow modellers. It can also be a useful resource for your fellow modellers. There are simply so many available products that choosing what you need can be a veritable minefield. It's a lot of work and will, inevitably, eat into your modelling time, however, it still gives a nice feeling to see one's name in print!.

Further Information

This link will take you to the submissions page of Armorama: HERE which is full of useful guidelines about the submission of material - well worth reading..

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