IXth 'Certamen International de Modelismo' - A Coruņa Spain, Easter 2006

Where I live, there are few shows, fortunately, the nearest (serious) Modelling group, Escala of Coruņa (NW Spain) make a huge effort every year to bring modelling to a wider audience...

This years show was perhaps smaller than before, but was more than compensated for the quality of the competing entries. There was interestingly enough, less in 1/35th scale Armor, but a positive 'boom' in 1/72nd scale. Aviation was well represented with some very nice subjects indeed. Also down (on previous years) were Naval subjects - surprising considering the enormous Naval heritage in Coruņa although what there was was of a high standard. Also, less in volume (but lacking nothing in quality) were the figures categories, which showed an enormous number of 'fantasy' rather than 'historical' subjects.

All this apart, it was a highly enjoyable day out, and once again, my thanks to the members of Escala Coruņa for their warm welcome and their help in making an Armorama 'roving reporter's' job just that little easier

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