Eden Camp

Eden Camp is situated Near Malton in North Yorkshire. The site was originally built as POW camp no. 83 in 1942, some years ago the surviving huts were refurbished and the site was developed into Eden Camp Museum.

The museum does not simply display items of military hardware for the visitor to view, rather each hut deals with one aspect of WW2 and this is done by the use of life size vignettes depicting a relevant scene. Many of them show how the war affected the whole population, scenes depicting the Women's Land Army, the Blitz, and the horrific conditions civilians had to endure are shown. Not only does the vignette show figures posed in the relevant attire in well created surroundings but there are sound effect and smells to give a fully rounded depiction of the event. The visitor can experience a bombed out street, a submarine under depth charge attack, and a bomber over the 3rd Reich to give some examples. There are also military vehicles and full sized replica aircraft set up in the site for those interested in the more "mechanical" aspects of war.

Whilst telling the story of WW2 there are also huts that show the other major conflicts of the 20th century that Britain was involved in. The beauty of the whole museum is that it shows these wars up close and personal, giving some insight into the conditions that people were forced to endure. At the same time the overall story of the conflicts are outlined by the use of wall mounted displays of photos, text and some rather impressive models.

I must say I really enjoyed my visit and would recommend the museum to anyone with an interest in military history. There is full wheelchair access and ample parking and as most of the exhibits are inside the huts it does not need a fine day to make a visit enjoyable. Admission cost 4.50 per person (in 2005), and the visitor should allow 3-4 hours for a visit. Details can be found at Eden Camp's website which gives a full description of what can be seen.
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