2005 MMSI Show

This years MMSI Show in Oakbrook, IL offered the modeler great inspiration and ideas for future projects, and the vendor area was running full steam to help make those projects a reality.

Nate and I got out of there with our wallets relatively in tact, but noticeably lighter.

As is the norm, the exhibition area was predominantly comprised of figures with armor, aircraft, and ships being modestly represented. One thing that I had noticed having been to the show for the last three years was a decrease in the presence of dioramas. I hope to see them come back strong next year.

We also had the opportunity to talk to some familiar faces. Always a welcomed treat.

Below is just a sampling of the pictures we took. For a look at all the pictures, visit the gallery here:

MMSI Show Gallery.

We hope you enjoy them!

  • P1010265
  • P1010261
  • P1010257
  • P1010241
  • P1010243
  • P1010228
  • P1010220
  • P1010217
  • P1010214
  • P1010213
  • P1010191
  • P1010187
  • P1010162
  • P1010157
  • P1010133
  • P1010129
  • P1010098
  • P1010073
  • IM004761
  • IM004750
  • IM004732
  • IM004724
  • IM004720
  • IM004705
  • IM004697
  • IM004686
  • IM004694
  • IM004683

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