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G’day guys. Well I know for those of you who don’t have photo-shop, or find it a little to confusing, making photo’s smaller can be a real pain. Well, I have this problem myself, so I came up with this little way of also making the photos smaller, and still retaining their original photo quality, and making the files even smaller in size than even photo-shop could. So here it is, making photos smaller, simpler.
Step 1.
After uploading your photos, enter the folder in which the photo’s you desire to make smaller are kept. Once this folder is opened, right click on screen, open the “view” drop menu, then select “Filmstrip”.
Step 2.
Open up a new document in Paint (comes standard with Microsoft)
Step 3.
Leave the new paint document open, but get back into the folder with the photos in it. Click the photo you wish to make smaller ONCE, this should make it appear on screen, and should now fill up entire screen (you should still be able to see thumbnails of the other pics in folder down the bottom, see fig.1) Now, locate, and press, the Print Screen (prtscn) key, on your keyboard (see fig.2)
Step 4.
Now, return to the empty paint document. Choose the “select” tool (see fig.3) Once you have chosen “select”, drag the square around the edge of the photo, once this is done, press “Control + C” on your keyboard (see fig.3).
Step 5.
Still in paint, go “file”, then “new”, don’t worry about saving anything yet. Once there is a new, blank document on screen, press the “select” tool once again, then click on the area of the paint screen where u can draw, right click the mouse, and select “paste”. And alternate right clicking and pasting, would to simply press “Control + V” on your keyboard.
Once this is done, you should see the picture you wished to make smaller, on the paint screen ( see fig.5), then, simply select “file” and “save as”, be sure to save the photo type as JPEG or JPG.

Now, if you followed these steps correctly, you will have reduced the Pictures file size dramatically, for instance I got a 700kb photo, down to just 9kb....BIG DIFFERENCE!

I hope this has helped some of you, and I hope more of you will be posting photos because of it.
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