VII Certamen Internacional de Modelismo

Not perhaps as big as some of the shows that are reported here, nevertheless, very typical of the 'grass-roots' modelling shows which are the lifeblood of the hobby. The show was well-attended over its three days with modelers from all over Spain and Portugal both visiting and participating. The standard of models on display was, as usual, of a high standard. Perhaps not surprisingly, bearing in mind that Coruņa is a port city, a considerable number of warship entries were present although aviation, figures, armor and dioramas more than held their own. I was told by the organisers that the number of armor models was down on previous years although it was good to see a fair presence in 'braille-scale'. Finally, can I express my thanks to Miguel Fernandez Garcia for welcoming me to the show and explaining how their group operated....
  • Escala_-_March_2005_031
  • Escala_-_March_2005_045
  • Escala_-_March_2005_044
  • Escala_-_March_2005_001
  • Escala_-_March_2005_047
  • Escala_-_March_2005_046
  • Escala_-_March_2005_010
  • Escala_-_March_2005_038
  • Escala_-_March_2005_011
  • Escala_-_March_2005_027
  • Escala_-_March_2005_039
  • Escala_-_March_2005_008
  • Escala_-_March_2005_006
  • Escala_-_March_2005_013
  • Escala_-_March_2005_014
  • Escala_-_March_2005_030
  • Escala_-_March_2005_041
  • Escala_-_March_2005_028
  • Escala_-_March_2005_040
  • Escala_-_March_2005_015
  • Escala_-_March_2005_029
  • Escala_-_March_2005_023
  • Escala_-_March_2005_022
  • Escala_-_March_2005_021
  • Escala_-_March_2005_0121
  • Escala_-_March_2005_019
  • Escala_-_March_2005_004
  • Escala_-_March_2005_003
  • Escala_-_March_2005_002
  • Escala_-_March_2005_005
  • Escala_-_March_2005_018

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some nice looking models there jim, thanks for the pics joe
APR 01, 2005 - 01:46 AM